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Many municipalities throughout California and the United States are facing the important issue of solid waste disposal.  Recycling continues to be part of the solution in moving toward the ultimate goal of zero waste. 

However, with local landfills beginning to approach closure dates, municipal solid waste will be forced to move greater distances. 

A solid waste transfer station with its ability to consolidate loads from smaller vehicles into larger ones for transport over greater distance is a critical solution to the immediate problem facing our communities.

The Pomona Valley Transfer Station Project (click the link to view an animation of the project) will move Pomona into the future with such a solution.  Unfortunately, there remain many misconceptions and myths regarding a transfer station. 

facebook logoThe information provided on this web site and on our facebook page is intended to present the project and to clarify some of the important questions and concerns regarding a transfer station in Pomona.

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A franchise agreement with the city of Pomona has been approved. The Pomona Valley Transfer Station will now move forward. We wish to thank the many supporters of this project for their steadfast encouragement and assistance.

This project will be an integral part of Pomona's future growth and an important step in the management of its municipal solid waste.